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I create my designs by using high quality fabrics, such 100% silk chiffon, hand-dyed merino wool, alpaca and bamboo fibers. My work is fusion felting, a very ancient process of "wet-felting.” With this technique I create stylish, timeless and quality shawls, tunics and fabrics. The main elements of the fusion felting are: heat, moisture and pressure. All my work is passionately designed and hand made. My inspiration comes from nature. Sometimes I go to my garden and observe the shapes and the colors of my flowers. I love playing with colors, creating my own dream world and watching as people fall in love with it. I enjoy coming up with new designs, and tend to experiment. I am not always certain what I will make until the design naturally guides me to the final direction. I feel like I would contribute to the world by helping women and men enjoy the beautiful creations I make, and helping them realize their own beauty. I believe that every woman deserves to be beautiful and everyone deserves to be unique.


Peace and love. 


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