Welcome my friend !


I am a lifelong artist who loves to elevate the beauty of life with my designs.

At an early age, my mother taught me to appreciate the beauty in everything. Most of my life, I lived in Budapest, the capital of Hungary. I also lived a year-long adventure on a boat in the Caribbean. It was an amazing and exotic experience that had its challenges. Then life took my family and I to the United States. 

I have always been a painter and a gardener. I mostly painted flowers with oil and acrylic on canvas. I love watching plants grow, develop and bloom with the many colors and shapes of inspiring, life-giving nature. 

When people see my work, they always ask me the same question, “How did you do it? Did you paint it?” And I tell them, “Yes, I actually did paint it.” A painter uses brushes and different colors of paint, while I use different colors of wool and other materials to “paint” my clothing designs with my hands.

Over the many years of exploring this work, I have created my own unique process — kind of like how bakers develop their own recipes. It’s my own organic design style.

All ages of women (and men) seem to be fascinated by my unique creations. To me, everybody is beautiful. I love inspiring women to appreciate their own beauty when they wear my work. Please take your time and enjoy looking at the many pieces I offer to you. 

Peace and love,

— Andrea