Spring inspirations !

Spring is here! Colors are popping out and fragrances are filling the air. This is my favorite time of the year!!! Time to refresh our thoughts, gather new ideas for spring feeling and fresh looks! My biggest inspiration is always nature, where I try to catch inspiration from the budding and blooming trees and majestic plants, sometimes just admiring the sky and, of course the flowers!

A couple of days ago, I made these gorgeous bright roses, using magenta and red, bright evergreen and forest greens. After I looked at them I realized that they made me very happy. I thought to myself, “I think, I needed some colors! “ Many friends and fans who like and admire my work have told me many times that what I do is amazing and inspiring to them. I love hearing those words. I love inspiring others, because I get inspiration back! The more I give the more I receive and my work resembles that. To see, it feels like we all get inspired from each other!

I wish you a very happy spring and and may you have amazing and beautiful experiences of getting inspired!

P.S. My roses are blooming in my workshop.

Andrea LeBeau