Welcome, 2019!

I am so excited for our new adventures coming in 2019! This year began with fresh ideas for designs, in which we will be incorporating new types of fibers and fabrics. We are going to be very innovative with our 2019 collection, emphasizing and embracing sensuality, femininity and empowerment. Our love for natural fibers and the ancient process of wet felting keeps growing and opening doors to the new possibilities! My favorite part of this whole experience is when people express how much they love what we do. It always warms my heart and gives me the fuel to keep creating (and loving!) what we do. The work is not easy, well, in fact it comes with patience, commitment and being in relationship with the work itself. But when we see the resulting product and hear the warm feedback, those moments  always fill me with joy and happiness. The world is experiencing lots of change right now, and it is our vision to create natural and sustainable designs to give back to the world. Last week, we had an amazing photoshoot with Nina Wilson, and our models were having an absolute blast! We called our old friend Mark from Anthology Art and Design Studio and did our photo shoot in his beautiful old Victorian building, filled with stunning windows, original trimming and tile floors. We hope you will enjoy our work as much we do!



Andrea LeBeau