Life is not about finding yourself, Life is about creating yourself.” -Bernard Shaw.

I realized if I want to optimize my success I need to believe in it every day. Believing in it helps manifest it. My success so far is in my work and my design and its showing me that it is my life path. Some days are hard and tiring, and some days are joyful and content. Designing a new style or a piece is always rejuvenating. Like yesterday. I usually design sometimes very spontaneously, ideas just come to me during my work process. It was this piece which appeared in my mind and I was very eager to create it. The adventure of creating things is what keeps me going. When things come together, it makes me happy and I realize how important it is to let the inner flow, the creative intuition guide me. Creating myself means choosing goals and purposes, surrounding myself with beautiful things, loving people, who support me and believe in me. In this environment I can grow and evolve to be who I really want to be: continue to give back with what I know the best- my creations. My work, where I put much love and energy, time and passion.

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Andrea LeBeau