Hungarian roots and the lotus flower.


I want to share a bit about the past of traditional Hungarian embroidery before I tell you how the Andrea LeBeau Designs logo was born. The history of Hungarian embroidery stretches back thousands of years. As early as the 11th century embroidery and weaving was very common all around the country. Woman and girls created impressive fabrics for their home and clothing. My grandmother and my mother both were very talented and created beautiful embroidery. I still have decorative tablecloths and napkins made by them.

An important part of ancient Hungarian embroidery was color. The primary color that could be found in any piece of Hungarian textile was red. Red was used to express joy, passion and happiness. My logo is red because I wanted to remember my roots and the importance meaning of the color. The dominating pattern of embroidery was always different flowers, like roses, tulips and violets, which is why my logo resembles the flowers often found in Hungarian embroidery.

When I was at the Budapest Design Week, I noticed that many contemporary artisans and designers re-interpret folk designs with a modern spin. I wanted to do something similar with my logo, blending together my roots and my character as well. Something I like to do is meditate, especially in nature. This lets me clear my mind, and become inspired for new ideas in my work. My logo is influenced by the lotus flower, a flower I have always admired. The lotus is not only a beautiful flower it is also a symbol, representing purity and clarity of the mind. I chose to have the lotus element in my logo because I wanted to keep the clarity that has always inspired me.

This is how I combined the lotus flower with ancient Hungarian embroidery and created a logo that reflects both my roots and my inspiration.



Andrea LeBeau