are we buying with conscious?


Have you heard about slow fashion? What is Slow Fashion? It is not your typical seasonal fashion trend, it is a movement that is steadily gaining momentum and is likely here to stay. With retailers selling the latest fashion trends at very low prices, consumers are easily swayed to purchase more than they need. But, this overconsumption comes with a hidden price tag on the environment and workers in the supply chain.  It is very sad and makes me feel like we all need to contribute to the changes. What can we do to help? Well, we can stop supporting companies that are not using ethical manufacturing techniques. Instead, get your clothing from companies focused on ethical and eco-fashion or slow fashion.We can make a difference by paying attention and asking questions about how your clothing is really made. I believe that with my hand crafted work I am part of the slow and eco fashion world. In my work shop, I make every piece individually and I do it with much love and care, using only natural fibers and materials. Often I hear a question about alpaca wool I use if its  animal friendly, do they torture animals while getting they wool? They have free roam of large pastures, are treated like pets, and get their hair clipped every so often. They actually like to have they wool being cut, specially for the summer. I also use 100% silk chiffon. When I design and create in my work shop I imagining every woman  wearing my piece, feeling beautiful and happy.

                    Welcome to the slow fashion world!

                    Welcome to the conscious you!


Andrea LeBeau