As November begins, we anticipate Thanksgiving and the year-end holidays. This year, shopping can take on new meaning when you know the dollars spent go directly back into our America.  What better gift than a handmade scarf for the holiday?  What better gift, period?

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Understanding artists need a centralized location to sell their work, Andrea could easily move to another country where design and labor costs are a fraction of what they are here BUT, she will never do that no matter how large her company grows.  The artist features handmade scarves and shopping initiative online as a way to introduce the garments and their fibers.

Her scarves and garments include items at many price points and in most cases even cheaper than many other luxury brands and unparalleled quality.

Andrea has done a lot of traveling which has inspired her work as an artist.  Her Hungarian born ancestry created a unique style and love of fashion.

Visitors to the online shop will find her work inspired from across the world.   Whimsical and elegant to respond to rural community features, beautiful floral and bold color.

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Celebrating and honoring the elements through her work, she creates art to share with others in hopes that each piece brings pleasure to its owner.


Classic silk scarves are one-of-a-kind wearable art — Home gifts formed of wet-felted silhouettes, a/k/a “nuno-felting” but with some important innovations in workflow and technique.  Something a little different, something we call Fusion Felting has been developed.

 Fusion Felting, inspired by a technique developed in Australia in the nineteenth century, involves laying raw wool out in designs on the silk, and using soap, water, and a specially designed felting machine. Through this unique process, Andrea is able to create one of a kind scarves and pullovers, pieces of wearable art, sure to turn heads wherever you go!

The artisan is excited to know that the scarves she has designed have found new homes close at hand. And it’s great to be part of the handmade online world again this holiday season.